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Daily trips from Crikvenica

You can enjoy many daily trips from Crikvenica, like going to Aquarium, Adrenaline park, archeological finding "Igraliste" (Playground) and daily trips to islands Krk, Rab and Losinj.

Daily trips from Crikvenica

Boat trips

Enjoy Crikvenica's Riviera in a completely different way. With tourist's boats, you can go on a daily trip, or if you prefer, on a night trip which is called "Nocna rivijera" (Night Riviera ). You can visit islands Krk, Rab and Losinj. We recommend you a trip to Vrbnik, an old town by the shore on island Krk, which is placed on a steep rock above the sea. Find a tavern and enjoy one of many excellent local wines there.

Trips to local areas

Because of it's excellent geographical position, Crikvenica offers many possibilities for different kinds of trips, which includes trips to nature or looking around old cultural and natural landmarks.


Find out about rich Vinodol's history and famous people who helped in shaping Vinodol's art and history. Vinodol was populated since Stone age. In the second century before Christ, Romans used to call it Vallis Vinearie, and they built a road that led to Dalmatia and Badanj fortress. When Croats came to Vinodol, they gave it it's name which it still has today. Vine, and specially local sort Žlahtina is still being bred there. In centuries of their reign, dukes Frankopan an Zrinski left a deep mark in Croatia's history and in Vinodol's history as well. They have built many fortresses, churches and monasteries. Law of Vinodol was made on this area, too, which used to be a religious center. This is also a birthplace of "Michelangelo of miniature painting" : Juraj Julije Klović, which was El Greco's teacher.

Trips to local National parks

National park Plitvice lakes - what to say about these lakes that hasn't already been said and described in million ways and languages trying to describe this nature's most precious beauty. There is no wrong reason to visit Plitvice lakes. During winter time you can see stunning frozen lakes in their all white, icy glory; during summer you can enjoy in a relaxing atmosphere full of rich green surroundings. In autumn and spring, it's magical, too. Keep in mind that during July and August, it is filled with tourists. If you come in these months, plan on staying till late at night, or come very early in the morning before everyone else. Cause it's a part of protected world's nature heritage, Plitvice lakes remain a part of untouched, wild nature which oozes with it's ancient and primordial natural beauty. It is also one of the reasons why it is forbidden to swim in lakes.

National park Velebit is announced national park thanks to it's rich, rocky terrain, extraordinary biodiversity and stunning natural beauties on a relatively small area. Inside the park you can find strict reserves Hajducki kukovi and Rozanski kukovi, which represent geomorphological phenomenon. Until now, 150 pits have been found and the most famous one is Luka's pit, discovered in 1999. It is one of the deepest pits in the whole world.

National park Risnjak is placed only two hours of ride from Crikvenica and it is a part of forest area which is called "Croatian lungs". National park has gotten it's name by an animal bobcat, biggest wild cat in Europe. Besides it's diverse animal world, Risnjak offers an extraordinary natural beauties which include Dinaric karst of specific hydrography and shapes, untouched forests and mountain tops.

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